Participant Pledge

We are pleased to submit our Participation Pledge in Recharge Minnesota.

Our organization supports opportunities to secure cleaner air and a stronger economy across Minnesota. Minnesota has a statewide goal of replacing 20% of the state’s traditional cars, or 60% of all new car sales, with Zero Emission Vehicles (EVs) by 2030, and we agree EVs will deliver substantial economic and environmental benefits to our state.

We pledge to create and implement an EV Action Plan outlining the steps we will take in support of these goals. Elements of our ZEV Action Plan might include:

  • Installing electric vehicle charging at facilities that can be used by fleets, employees, customers & community.
  • Using EVs for personal transportation and fleets (either those owned or leased).
  • Implementing one or more activities to help more people gain access to clean transportation.
  • Promoting the use of EVs in our community including the vendor supply chain, service and delivery vehicles, and campus fleets.
  • Supporting EV use among the community by supporting purchase/lease incentives and sponsoring at least one annual EV information day for the general public (and if appropriate, our employees).
  • Providing financial resources to encourage EV education and local philanthropy related to EV events.

Recharge Minnesota will provide:

  • Recognition for leading companies, universities, family foundations, nonprofit organizations, and individuals promoting EVs in the state of Minnesota.
  • Information resources related to EV adoption, including vehicle charging, fleets, incentives, and EV-related outreach.
  •  Support in achieving EV goals by sharing relevant experiences and mentoring experiences.


Our EV Action Plan will outline anticipated implementation steps and the broader EV deployment goals that guide our efforts. Each year we will share our work to date and update our plan accordingly. We will share our first draft EV Action Plan with Recharge Minnesota either with or shortly after submitting this pledge on

We recognize that Recharge Minnesota promotes aggressive adoption of EVs, including 100% battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and EV chargers, as crucial components of a clean transport system for our state. In that context, as we develop our EV Action Plan we will remain cognizant of and promote, as appropriate, other low-carbon transport modes such as walking, cycling and public transport. We also understand that Recharge Minnesota operates independently from regulatory and policy frameworks.

If you cannot complete the digital form below, please download the participant pledge pdf here, and use the contact form to submit the pledge.

“Any inclusion of third-party logos, images or references on the Recharge Minnesota website does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the state of Minnesota or its agencies or staff.  Their inclusion is simply to provide users with relevant information and resources. Any documents that are submitted to Recharge Minnesota will be maintained by Recharge America for tracking purposes.”