Massachusetts EV Resources

Save Money

Ready to buy an EV? You can save up to $7500 on most plug-in electric vehicles through the Federal Tax Credit. Save even more with MORE-EV rebates of up to $2500 through the State of Massachusetts for the purchase or lease of battery electric vehicles and up to $1500 for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Check out other EV incentives from the State of Massachusetts including the MOR-EV Trucks Program. Learn more about state and federal incentives available to electric vehicle drivers here.

Find an EV Dealer

Looking for an EV dealer? Check where all the EV-certified dealers are in your area with Plugstar. You can calculate and compare the total cost of ownership of an EV with this handy EV cost estimator

Purchase a used EV

Prefer to purchase your vehicles pre-loved? There are plenty of options for purchasing a used EV with Drive Green, an electric vehicle discount program through the Green Energy Consumers Alliance. 

Charge at Work

Need to charge your personal car at work, or drive a workplace fleet vehicle? Take a look at charging incentives through MassEVIP, and share workplace charging and policy guides to your leadership team and Fleet Managers to encourage electric vehicle adoption at your workplace. In Eversource Energy’s service territory? Take a look at their commercial EV Charging Station Program. Commercial customer of National Grid? Save money and partner with National Grid to install Level 2 or DCFC fast charging stations for your Workplace.

Charge a Fleet

Are you a Fleet Manager? Check out these resources detailing what Fleet Managers need to know about EV fleets, including written handbooks, guides, and vehicle search tools. Apply for the MassEVIP Fleet Incentive that provides incentives for public entities to buy or lease EVs, and apply for the Workplace & Fleet Charging Program to install Level 1 and Level 2 EV charging stations at your business. National Grid is also offering 100 no-cost fleet advisory services to public transit and government fleets. Read more here.

Charge On The Go

Planning a road trip? Before you go, use this charging station locator map to plan your route, or use Plugshare or other EV charger apps along the way. Encourage local businesses to take advantage of public charging incentives from the State of Massachusetts, Eversource, or  National Grid.

Charge at Home

Want to charge at home? Learn about the EV basics, take a look at this charging resources guide and view this list of ENERGY STAR Certified electric vehicle charging stations. 

Utility customer of Eversource?  Eversource’s Connected Solutions Program rewards EV drivers for using less energy during periods of peak demand. 

Utility customer of National Grid? Sign up for its EV ConnectedSolutions offering or the Off Peak Charging Rebate program. See more here.

Live in a city or town also served by a municipally-owned electric company? Find out what additional EV incentives you may be eligible for. See more here.

Local Resources


Live in Boston?
View the City of Boston’s Zero Emission Vehicle Roadmap and more EV resources at the City of Boston’s website.

Live in a Boston Condo?
Learn about Boston’s new “Right to Charge” law allowing Boston condominium unit owners to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on or near their parking spaces. 

Town of Winchester

Live in the Town of Winchester?
View relevant electric vehicle information from the town’s new EV website here, and take a look at a list of charging stations offered in Winchester here.

Interested in renewable energy and more electricity supply options?
Take a look at WinPower, The Town of Winchester’s green electricity bulk buying program.