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Participant Profile | Freewire

FreeWire Technologies ultrafast electric vehicle (EV) charging and power solutions are accelerating the transition to electrified transportation. Their EV charging solutions enable customers to deliver energy to meet the demand for charging anywhere. Compared to conventional EV charging solutions, their products can be installed for a fraction of time and money. This is made possible by combining energy storage, power conversion technology, and software solutions in one platform. The chargers are used by retail, fleet, utility, automotive, corporate, and municipal customers. Ultimately, their products lower energy bills and increase resiliency by optimizing energy utilization while delivering premium EV charging.

FreeWire’s next-generation charger, Boost ChargerTM, features the highest output power in a battery-integrated charging station providing 200 miles of range in 15 minutes and reaching peak power levels of 200kW. In addition, the Boost Charger 200 has a 160kWh battery capacity and only needs one-eighth of the input power required of conventional charging equipment, and can charge all EV models by providing up to 950-volt power. FreeWire also offers an Asset Management Platform (AMP), a cloud-based software that provides customers with the technology and tools to manage multiple Boost Charger deployments.

FreeWire actively plays a role in educating stakeholders, policy-makers, and potential customers about the benefits of driving electric through outreach. They also provide insight and guidance on overcoming infrastructure challenges by rapidly deploying EV charging stations economically and equitably.